Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day 1 - Korea - The Small Group Tour Begins

Down to Bobbie and I, George and Andi...and Marlena for one more day...we hopped on the metro and visited the Seougnam Prison where the Japanese incarcerated dissidents during their occupation of Korea in the early 1900's.  The grounds around this UNESCO site were lovely.  The prision as a gruesome reminder of what people are capable of doing to others.

 In case of fire....ventilator masks.

 A room full of thousands of photos of prisoners held over the years.  Many were women and teenage boys.

 Exercise yards  We initially thought they were firing ranges...or worse.

 Solitary confinement and holes for sewage runoff from the cells.

 From there we headed over to our favorite food market for lunch.

Next we walked the city wall museum.

 View from the top of the wall.
 We finished the day with a 3-mile stroll through shopping districts.
 The Design Center Plaza...tomorrow's agenda.

 This was a major department store.  Looked like all of their stock was on the sidewalk.

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