Thursday, November 23, 2017

Days 8,9 & 10 - Busan

Today we departed our lovely homestay and boarded the train to Busan. 

 Two hours later we were at our beachside hotel in the heart of the city. 

 Andi has a friend, Clark, who has lived in Busan now for about 20 years.  He met us at the hotel and we had a great reunion lunch.
Next Clark took us to the local temple where we met one of the nuns.  We had a lovely chat.

 At the memorial to the medical corps of several countries during the Korean War we toured the mountaintop and visited the lighthouse.  Really beautiful scenery.

 Back at the hotel we enjoyed our ballroom with three queen beds.  LOL.
 This was our view form our window.

The next day we hooked with a friend of Clark.  Anna is a delightful woman who took us to a seaside temple.  Giant squid in the market ready to eat.

 Fresh gensing.
 Awesome seaside temple.  So many in the mountains.  Finally one by the water.

 A glass floored observation platform

 Coffee and a rainbow cake treat before dinner.  Later Clark made us a lasagna dinner at his home.  It was a great meal.
 On our last day we toured the UN Cemetery with another friend.  Her name is Tina an she is a volonteer guide.  She graced us with her knowledge and a pleasant visit at lunch later after our visit.

 Such a sweet lady.

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