Sunday, November 5, 2017

Days 33-35 - Miles and Miles of Eastern Suberia

For three days and three nights we sat and watched the Siberian landscape sweep past us.  We slept, played video games, ate from our varied stick of suppliesi, talked, and simply sat back to enjoy the views.  We downloaded dixens if Netflix shows and kept ourselves entertained. 

The landscape, although the pretty much the same mile by mile was that of rolling hills, a few moutains, lots of boreal forest of birch and larch, and rolling farmland.  There were scattered mining complexes, some oil and gas production and a constant assortment of small villages, towns, and train stations more often than we would have thought.  We began to understand why the population of Siberia is around 35 million people.  It is not the barren wasteland so often depicted in our history books, movies, and stories about Russia. 

We had long stops (30-45 min) at seversl very large cities. One along the North Mongoluan border and another on the Chinese frontier. Each time in addition to a huge apartment and commercial builibgs, large city boulevards bustling with traffic and people, we past large military complexes of barracks, equipment, tanks, and troup surprise considering where we were (no photos).  China is just 50 miles away in some spots. 

Another lazy day followed the prior with the same activity.  Our final destination will be Vladivostok early in the morning of the 6th

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