Friday, November 10, 2017

Day 40 - Seoul by Car - Lots of Food and More Photos!

Our big day began boarding a luxury transport bus with comfy seats and big windows.  Ginny took us up the mountain to the Seoul Tower for some commanding views of Seoul.  We wandered the top of the mountain for a bit before heading back down hill.

We drove to the center of town and parked near the main gate, an historic landmark for Seoul.  We wandered a bit down a street where once only an ancient stream meandered, supplying water from teh mountains to the nearby royal palace. 

At the Vistor Center we enjoyed the displays and played a bit with the video toys.  Here is me in true Gangman style.

 The center had some lovely displays depicting Korean culture.

Lunch today was at a local fish restaurant where we devoured too many Spanish Mackarel.

Next up was a local street market for souvenirs.  Shopping in Seoul is a tourist attraction.

In an underground mall we discovered a few "miles" of jewelry findings vendors.  Amazing.

Next stop was the famous East Gate food market.  Aisle after aisle of food vendors, all under roof.  We sampled so much we were quite uncomfortable when we boarded the bus.

Our last stop was the Contemporary History Museum of Korea where we spent an hour admiring the displays before ending our day.

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