Sunday, November 19, 2017

Day 4 - Into the Korean Countryside and a Wonderful Village - AND MASKS!!!!!

We met our planner Sami at the hotel, collected our travel documents and taxied to the Express Bus Terminal for our 3 hour drive to Hanhoe.  The bus was very comfortable...bit windows, wide seats, lots of leg room...and ultra-clean and crisp.  

One large modern city after another passed by as we wound through the mountains of Korea on our way southeast to Andong.

We arrived early afternoon and a short taxi ride took us up into the mountains and village of Hanhoe.  Nestled in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, this village has been around since 1500 and the homes have been maintained and restored.

We checked in to our homestay and they headed over to the Mask Dance Theater to enjoy a traditiaonl Korean Mask Dance.  The story line was easy to follow.  All of the principal players are men.  This is a traditional dance done all over Korea...what changes from one village to another is the masks...and sometimes it is a lion, a bear, a tiger, or a bull.  Very entertaining.  Here are a short video from the one hour performance.

After watching the video we visited the Mask Museum.  There we learned more about the tradition and saw many different masks from various village...all based on the same theme.  I hve a great love for masks and we bought a few for our collection.

Tonioght we all slept on the floor in our Ondol...traditional Korean house.

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